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You Don't Have to Do It Alone Anymore

If you were to write down everything you're responsible for in your business, how long would that list be?

Does it overwhelm you?

How many things on that list are outside your zone of brilliance? 

You're not alone.

You have four options for everything on that list:

- Do it yourself (can't grow here)

- Live without it (not ideal)

- Delegate it (A Squared's O3 program, where we make order out of your growth, vision, and big ideas)

- Automate it (A Squared's Process Design program)

You're ready to start delegating to A Squared if you:

  • Have a proven business model and stream of clients, and you're starting to feel the growing pains

  • Would love help but don't have the time for recruiting, training, and managing someone

  • Haven't taken a truly unplugged vacation in too long

  • Are the single main point of contact for everything in your business

  • Worry about things falling through the cracks

  • Are a little frightened about what the list would look like if you wrote down everything you need to do

A Squared can help you automate your processes if you:

  • Have been meaning to set up systems for your business but haven't found the time

  • Don't have much of a process to speak of - you figure things out as you go

  • Send customized emails 

  • Are falling behind on your contracts and invoices

  • Don't know (and don't want to know) how much time you spend on back-office work each week

  • Have dropped into a black hole trying to figure out which software tool to use, or have purchased something because someone else recommended it and now don't know what to do with it