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Process & Systems Design Intensive

Perfect your customer experience

What is it?

The Process and Systems Design Intensive is a six-week one-on-one program:

  • Three weeks to set up your own unique customer experience process from the moment your customer says yes until you’ve provided amazing results and gathered rave reviews 

  • Three weeks to find software tools that will actually work for you

You’ll receive:

  • A visual process map of your customer experience from beginning to end

  • An in-depth project plan for implementing your new process

  • A recommendation for a software tool or suite of tools to bring your process to life

You’ve worked hard to find your niche; it’s time to give your company the infrastructure it needs to grow without sacrificing the value of your service.


Start off the Intensive with a one-week training module to set the stage for organizing your entire business. Three videos, lots of actionable intel.

Also, take advantage of two flex weeks if you need to go deeper with our team, get some questions answered, or just take a breather. You'll have 8 weeks to complete the program. 

Who are we?

A Squared was founded in 2017 with one goal: to bring order out of chaos. But as we worked with amazing entrepreneurs, we realized that what felt like chaos in their businesses was actually something great: growth, a big vision, and new ideas.


Our clients felt overwhelmed because they were on to something, and they just needed support to bring structure to their growing companies. 


Our founder, Ashlee Berghoff, has an MBA from Georgetown University and 5 years of project management experience in corporations and nonprofits.


Her superpower is distilling all of the energy and confusion in her clients’ lives into simplicity and calm. In short, she’s a process nerd, and now we’re a team of process nerds who want to help you build something that works for you. 


We believe that small businesses like yours can be a powerful force for good in the world, and that the right processes and systems are essential for your company to stay healthy as it grows.

I don't have to think about a damn thing except my actual job...My admin load will be a fraction of what it was because I have benefited from the genius of Ashlee Berghoff who is some kind of Moses, parting the sea to create a clear path through my admin/system/to-dos I was drowning in.... I cannot believe how streamlined my system is now any more than I can believe I just made a biblical reference."

~Caroline Mays, Writer

Who needs this?

If you...

  • Are a freelancer or leader of a small team

  • Have hit capacity with clients, but you want to grow

  • Have tried software tools that didn’t work out for you

  • Deliver services a little differently with each client

...then this program is the perfect fit for you.


Why do YOU need this?

This is what happens when you take the time to streamline, automate, and elevate your customer experience:

  • You deliver better value in less time 

  • You can grow without hiring more people or working more hours

  • Your customers have an unforgettable experience and keep coming back for more

  • Your team is empowered to do an amazing job without your constant intervention


This is what happens when you keep winging it:


  • You spend your days putting out fires

  • Your customers have a good experience one day and a terrible one the next - and all it takes is one bad day for them to disappear for good

  • Your growth and revenue plateaus because you haven't taken time to plan ahead

  • You keep making the same decisions over and over and over (How much do I charge? What needs to be in this contract? What do I need to do next?)

What does it cost?

Two payments of $1,500. A $500 deposit will reserve your spot on our calendar and then be applied to your first invoice. 

What happens after the Intensive is over?


When you graduate from the Intensive, you will have the roadmap you need for an amazing customer experience process. But if you want our help to make things happen, you can join our Process & Systems Implementation Program to receive hands-on support from our team.


We will help you build your processes, implement your software tools, gather your team, and reach your biggest goals. 


Don't take my word for it

TaVona Boggs
Life Coach

"Working with A Squared gave me the ability to think through my customer’s journey along with the tasks needed to make the day-to-day and repeatable tasks simpler."

Shannon Larkins
Blackcoffee Studio

“If you are looking for someone to whip your business processes into shape… you can trust Ashlee at A Squared to make it happen.”

Chris Orzechowski
Copywriter and Marketing Expert

“About six months ago, I reached a point in my business where I knew that if I was going to continue to grow… I would need some help.


The only problem was, I wasn’t really sure who to turn to. 


A lot of people I knew told me I should “hire a VA” or start “building a team.” But I didn’t really know how to do that. To be honest… that entire process sounded a little intimidating.


How would I manage this person? What tasks could I even delegate? Can’t I just keep some of this stuff by myself?


What I really wanted was someone to come in and organize ME. I didn’t want to manage someone… I wanted someone to come in, look at my situation, and help replace some of the chaos with systems that worked FOR me.


That’s exactly what Ashlee and her team at A Squared did for me.


From the moment Ashlee and I first spoke, I knew I had found the right team to help grow my business. She understood my frustrations and had strategies that could remove all of the roadblocks preventing me from growing my business.


I worry a lot less about my business now. MY stress has gone down. My personal productivity and energy has gone up. And I’m getting more things done than ever before. 


In fact, one of the most common questions I get from my students and customers is… “How do you get so much done?”


A Squared is my secret weapon. Without Ashlee and her team, I would still be struggling with things that no entrepreneur should struggle with.


Her team’s skills compliment mine perfectly. And I’m growing so much faster than I ever thought possible, thanks to her help.


One last thing…


My business’s average monthly revenue (calculated in six month periods) has actually increased by almost 42% since I’ve started working with A Squared. This is not a benefit they advertise… but I think it just goes to show you how much your business can grow when you finally get help from a team of people who know what they’re doing.


Hire Ashlee today and make your life and business a heck of a lot easier (and more profitable).”