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Process & Systems Implementation Program

Bring your processes to life

What is it?

The Process and Systems Implementation Program is an ongoing one-on-one program designed for graduates of the Process and Systems Design Intensive.


You will graduate the Intensive with a road map for systems and processes that will elevate your customer experience, automate repetitive tasks, and create a solid framework for your business. If you want support as you build your new processes and grow your business, our Implementation Program is for you.

Partner with a virtual COO to bring your biggest strategic goals to life.

Together, we'll identify a major goal that we can accomplish every 6 weeks.


We'll put together a game plan, take things off your plate, and help you make progress each week. Bi-weekly calls and weekly emails will keep everyone on track. 


During this program, it won't be your job to figure out how to solve every single problem.

Just tell us where you want to go. We’ll step into the middle of your business, pull things out of your head, and make them happen.

Some major goals we can help you tackle include:


  • Building each element of the process we designed together in the Intensive

  • Setting up a project management process you'll actually use

  • Finding and training a Virtual Assistant

  • Setting up, implementing, and training you to use a new software tool

  • Launching a new offer or initiative

  • Creating templates for welcome letters, email templates, SOPs, and more

  • Training your team in your new process (or preparing for a future team)

A lot of businesses create great plans but stall when it's time to implement them.


You've done the hard work of making decisions for your business - now it's time to make sure your new process becomes an ongoing reality in your business. 


In addition to specific training materials about change management and your software tools, you will also gain access to curated resources about time management, productivity, and setting your business up to run itself. 

How customized is this program?

Your program will be structured around the specific project plan we develop for you every six weeks.

We've created a system for change management that we walk each of our clients through, but your unique process drives the program.

We'll solve your biggest pain points first so you can see the benefits in your business right away.

Think of us as the project managers to help you grow your business. We'll hold you and your team accountable, solve problems, clear obstacles, and provide the right resources at the right time. 

It's hard to make new processes stick, so we'll also work with you and your team to tackle any habits or challenges that might make it hard for you to keep your process running over time. 

How is it structured?

Calls Twice Each Month 


Standing meetings every other week will keep the momentum going and allow us to identify and assist you in implementing your biggest priorities.

Weekly Emails

Each Monday, you'll receive an email from us with a list of what needs to happen that week and who is responsible for it.


If you have a Virtual Assistant or other support team, we'll work with your team to make sure the project keeps moving forward. 

My business’s average monthly revenue (calculated in six month periods) has actually increased by almost 42% since I’ve started working with A Squared. This is not a benefit they advertise… but I think it just goes to show you how much your business can grow when you finally get help from a team of people who know what they’re doing.

~ Chris Orzechowski, The Email Copywriter

Who needs this?

If you...

  • Feel overwhelmed when you think about outsourcing or building processes & systems

  • Know that accountability will help you develop the new habits you need

  • Are concerned about the technical elements of implementing a new software tool

  • Want to ensure your new process is implemented as quickly as possible

...then this program is the perfect fit for you.

What does it cost?

The program costs $1,000 per month - you can keep working with us as long as you find it helpful. 

What, specifically, can A Squared do?


We're great at these things:

  • Designing and building processes

  • Selecting and setting up software tools

  • Finding new team members

  • Creating project plans to make big goals tangible and achievable

  • Making strategic ideas happen

Wherever you need those skills in your business, we're there to help.

We're not great at these things:

  • Fixing websites

  • Creating graphics

  • Coaching you on your mindset or business model

  • Calculating quarterly taxes

  • Writing sales copy (but we know some amazing copywriters)

We can help you find a great VA if you need help with these things:

  • Managing your inbox or calendar

  • Posting to social media

  • Organizing files

  • Booking travel 

  • Tackling same-day tasks