The Real Thing is Better Than Your Castle in the Clouds

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Photo by Paul Green on Unsplash

I used to be head over heels for this guy - he was a castle in the clouds person.

He could spin the most amazing dreams about adventure and a potential future together.

But when it came time to buy a real plane ticket, nothing happened.

A while later, I met a different man. We met online, which wasn’t my dream way to meet someone. Our first dinner date was at Panera.

But it didn’t matter, because it was real. And being married to him is better than my dreams. I love our story. 

So much better than a fateful imaginary meeting at a bookstore followed by an imaginary perfect first date.

If you’re anything like me, it can feel like a splash of cold water when you turn your ideas into reality. I especially feel this in my business. Not because things are going badly by any means, but because they’re grounded in reality. They’re imperfect. They take sweat and time.

My new website looked better in my head. This blog was more profound and articulate when I was mulling it over.

I know greatness when I see it, and I’m frustrated by my seeming inability to produce it….I was warned about this by my writing professor in college.

But I know I can’t follow Seth Godin’s call to “make a ruckus” if I leave stuff in my own head.

Getting the dust and grit of the real world on my ideas is where the magic happens.

And that’s probably true for you too.



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