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Our Story

A Business Born In Wide Open Spaces

We Believe......


  • Small businesses can be a powerful force for good in the world

  • Business owners are paying too high a price in time and sanity as their businesses grow

  • A strong operational structure enables growing businesses to be healthy and sustainable

We Are....


  • Experts at replacing chaos with control and exhaustion with calm

  • Architects of systems and processes that work

  • The integrators that visionaries need to make their dreams real

Our Vision

By 2025, we will design the processes and systems that will enable thousands of small businesses, and their founders, to thrive.

Ashlee Berghoff, MBA - Founder 

I’m Ashlee Berghoff, an organizational nerd and founder of A Squared Online.  


Three years ago, I was working at a DC consulting firm all day, attending three-hour MBA classes at Georgetown in the evenings, and planning my wedding on the weekends. Things kept falling through the cracks, and I knew I had a problem when I started thinking how nice it would be to be hit by a car so I could spend a few days in the hospital and catch a break.


Loved ones reminded me I had the power to change things, so I created a system to keep track of everything, say no to non-essentials, and focus on what mattered.


My life stayed busy, but I had control again - I earned a promotion, got married, and graduated in the top 10% of my class without losing my sanity (or ending up in the hospital).


I founded A Squared to use the organizational skills I’ve perfected to help entrepreneurs thrive. My clients have growing businesses and amazing ideas….which is why they feel so scattered and overwhelmed when they first find us.  


At A Squared, our secret sauce is designing streamlined, clear processes that give our clients the time they need to focus on what makes them brilliant. We turn ideas into plans, get projects done, and solve problems faster.