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Hi, my name is Ashlee. I help people build processes and systems into their business, and I love what I do.


But when I first started my business, I spent my time bouncing between a long list of projects that I thought were urgent. 

I spent hours researching GDPR compliance - it was a new regulation for people with email list subscribers in Europe, and everyone was freaking out about it, so I thought I better know what I was doing. But I didn’t have an email list yet. 


I dug deep into the principles of split testing, even though I didn’t have anything to test.


And I bought courses about delegation, even though I didn’t have a team. 


Articles and trainings and Facebook posts were all talking about this stuff, so it felt important. 


It was a never-ending loop of must-do projects...and even though I was working constantly, most of the stuff I thought I absolutely had to do didn’t belong on my list at all.

I knew where I was, and where I wanted to go, but I had no idea what steps to take in between, or what advice to save for later. 


Over the years, I got better at picking my priorities, but one thing didn’t change. Every day, the number of things I wanted to do could fill a book...and the number of things I could actually accomplish could fit easily on a sticky note. 


And then I had a baby....and cut my work hours in half.

So, the big question became - what belongs on that much smaller sticky note? What actually deserves my focus and attention?

When I discovered the Fix This Next methodology, everything fell into place.


The Fix This Next assessment is a clear-cut decision making framework that cuts through the noise and helps me focus all my energy on the ONE main priority that will actually move the needle in my business.


Now, I don’t have to hope I’m focusing on the right things. My to-do list is shorter, but the things on the list have a clear impact. 


I don’t get distracted by all the competing priorities and trending issues and shiny new ideas that don’t need to happen right now. 


I can set aside the “nice-to-haves” for later and have a clear picture of where my business is today and what actions will get me from point A to point B as directly as possible. 


No more meandering, or guessing, or just trying to get myself out of whatever rut I happen to be in. 

Where did the Fix This Next Assessment come from?

The Fix This Next concept was created by Mike Michalowicz - he’s an amazing entrepreneur and teacher with a mission to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.


When Mike invited me to become one of a small group of inaugural Fix This Next Advisors, I jumped on the opportunity. I believe in this process and want as many business owners as possible to experience this kind of clarity and focus.


I’ve adapted the concepts of Fix This Next to the unique challenges of freelancers and online service providers and created a program series that will help you not just diagnose your core vital need, but create a specific game plan for moving forward and then execute on it.


The Fix This Next Assessment gives you the chance to step back, look at your entire business and all of your priorities, and say - THIS. Here is the one thing that needs all my attention right now. The rest of it can wait until this is fixed.

What comes after Fix This Next?

Once you know where you need to focus, you might be all set and ready to hit the ground running. But what if you need more?

If you:

  • Feel like you need someone to organize YOU,

  • Need accountability and support to take focused, consistent action,

  • Have tried to hire a VA, but it didn't work out,

  • Want to build operational structure (processes and systems) into your business,

  • Spend a lot of time every day trying to figure out what to do next,

  • Or suffer from shiny object syndrome,

Then you might need a strategic partner right there in the trenches with you. That's where A Squared comes in.

We are on a mission to turn freelancers into CEOs - to help entrepreneurs make the transition from gig work to owning a business that gives them real freedom. Clarity, focused action, and simple frameworks are all part of that process. 

We work with our clients for as long as they need us - anywhere from two months to set up some structures into their business, to over two years (and counting). 


We'll meet with you one-on-one every other week to keep you on track and help you implement your goals. Behind the scenes, we have a full suite of tools and resources available that we'll deploy in your business based on what you need:

  • Fix This Next Assessments

  • Project planning intensives

  • Virtual Assistant sourcing and training

  • Productivity and time management coaching

  • Software selection and implementation support

  • Workbooks, spreadsheets, templates, and calculators to make your life easier and help you structure your work

You'll have someone working with you INDIVIDUALLY to build out the structure and practices of a stable, growing business. 


Imagine: when you log on in the morning, you know exactly what you need to be working on and how it's going to happen.


You have easy access to all the resources you need, the people who can help you make things happen, and the metrics that tell you how things are going.


You feel calm, confident, sure.


The work ahead of you is meaningful and the best possible use of your time. 


You are a CEO. 


Our program costs $1,000 per month for as long as we work together. 

We also have an awesome referral program. If you send people our way and they sign up, they'll get $100 off...and you'll get $100 as a thank you (whether you've bought the program yourself or not). 

You could be doing a million things right now, but only ONE THING deserves your best work. Shut out the noise with Fix This Next.



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