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Expand Your Capacity

Create an unforgettable customer experience - make more money in less time - build the company you want

If you've been building a business for a while, you can probably see the ceiling coming.

That tipping point where you can't take on any more clients without the whole thing breaking.

And you're already working more hours than you want to. 

People tell you to outsource and build systems, but how? And with what time? How can you grow without putting in even more time every week?

You need the right tools - streamlined processes, time-saving technology, and talented people - to expand your capacity and grow your business

  • A great process will amaze your customers, multiply your capacity, and help you make more money - even though you'll be working less 

  • Software tools can automate tasks that used to take you hours

  • And the right Virtual Assistant will allow you to focus on what you do best 

A Squared​ builds the tools you need to grow

Join our Process and Systems Design Intensive to design an unforgettable customer experience process and pick the best software tools for you.

Then, sign up for our Implementation Program to build your team, set up your processes and systems, and tackle all of your biggest goals. 

We're here to help you navigate the transition from scrappy freelancer to bona fide business.

We solve the problems that are capping your growth, but we do more than that. We’re your strategic ally, sanity saver, and accountability partner too.


Growth is a good thing - you took a risk to build something new, and it’s working. We’re right here with you, and we’ve got you …. now take all that extra time you just saved and focus on the work you love. 

"What I really wanted was someone to come in and organize ME. I didn’t want to manage someone… I wanted someone to come in, look at my situation, and help replace some of the chaos with systems that worked FOR me.

That’s exactly what Ashlee and her team at A Squared did for me."

-Chris Orzechowski, Copywriter

“If you are looking for someone to whip your business processes into shape, or someone to run a project, you can trust Ashlee at A Squared to make it happen.” ~Shannon Larkins, Brand Strategist  

"Working with A Squared gave me the ability to think through my customer’s journey along with the tasks needed to make the day-to-day and repeatable tasks simpler." ~TaVona Boggs, Life Coach